It’s Friday muchachos and since it’s the beginning of the weekend we will be showcasing what you can wear as you go out.
Today’s showcase will be a design by Edgar Owndy and he calls it an african drop top.

What I love about this shirt is its versatility. It can literally be worn by almost anything. Those of you in the semi-casual arena would most definitely love this. It can be paired by a good pair of khaki pants or jeans and loafers or sandals or like in these shots good ol  sneakers. The other good thing about this design is its uniqueness in that not many people have been seen rocking this so I’d advice you get yourself one before it goes the mohawk way; just saying. So you can place an order via our Facebook page and/or email us at and/or call the number for more details 0739355564. With that have a lovely Friday and weekend folks.#BD

model: Edgar Owndy
Clothes: Models own
Photography: Elegance photography 
Location: Komarock Sector 1

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