The Junkie Diaries, Love??

superthumbSo let’s talk about love…am no expert on the subject…but oh well, indulge me………….

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, where men were still straight, women were still virgins and sex was still sexy there lived a young maiden who wished to marry for love…. aah who am I kidding what does a virgin know about love am I right??

Love. It is the one thing we were created for yet that which we struggle with most. Some might think of love as a weakness you know…that which holds them back…the one thing that could be used against them…some might say that love simply does not exist…that it is not capable to feel like your entire existence was fashioned just so you could share this mysterious emotion, an attraction of sorts with another. It simply makes no sense to them.

I think that the most often abused words…Okay maybe I wouldn’t go that far let’s just say misunderstood words are “I Love You”. The thing that most people do not get…well technically all people except those from the telanovelas is once you say these words to someone or something…you actually have to mean them…you commit to them…you are married to them…in this life and the next…I mean literally you should be able to give your life for whom or that which you declare your love for. Unless you find the one you are willing to die for I suggest you STFU…seriously I mean it…shut up…!!!

Am a Christian…I was raised in church…well sorta and whether I was at church every Sunday or not, I do know one thing; the Bible has its own definition of love. In my opinion this should be the only definition of love because let’s face it whether you are a believer or not it is the only definition that makes sense. It goes something like love is kind, love is all that nice stuff that makes us all human. Something about how love is forgiving and does not keep a record of wrongs you get where am going with this. See now this is where most people go wrong for instance, if someone was to wrong their lover…isn’t the first thing that should come to mind be forgiveness? After all you did say “I love you”.

There’s more to love than just being able to say it out loud…well am not perfect I have dished out the words a few times but now that I know better am being more careful…think of it like this, the next time you think of using the words ”I love you” ask yourself…would my life be the same without this person ?…would I forgive them even before they asked me to ?..would I wish to live a day less than them so that I wouldn’t have to live without them ? get my point right…So before you go out there breaking hearts and dishing out “I love “yous” like a cold think about it and when you’re done…think again…be patient…love will find you…or you will find love…but only if you understand what it is you are looking for.

Yours truly,

The Adrenalinne_Junkie.

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