Trying to put your life together as one slowly slides off from the comfy sofa that is the teenage days onto the hard floor that is adulthood is not an uncommon struggle. If you haven’t experienced it yet, I can only describe it to you as a feeling of a gradual fall. Like tripping on a flat surface, only, the fall will take several years and as you would expect from a fall of several years, when you hit the ground there is almost no getting back up. So before you hit the ground, let me share my two cents of wisdom. Throw the drowning a lifeline.

The honest but hard truth is, your late teenage years and early twenties will set the precedence of your later years. It might seem like a cliché to say this, but I only confess what I experience first-hand.

Basically what will happen, if it hasn’t stared yet, is you will lose a grip of your life more often than you will care to accept. You will start unintentionally missing some classes but this will escalate to outright truancy as you venture to meet people, do exciting things while you are still young. Before you realise it, your grades are slipping, your finances are in shambles regardless of being financed by your parents, you haven’t done half of what you thought you would have accomplished way back. If you are lucky enough to nip  that in the bud, you will start to realise that your ‘friends’ will never really back your efforts to get a little serious with school work .Or any work at all. Fun fact, they will probably give you some fun alternative. It’s a trap people.

My advice, keep business and pleasure completely separate. By business, I of course mean your actual business, your school work, your part time job, or any aspect of your life that you consider important to your personal growth.  Let your life be yours.

Keep friendship ties strictly that. Don’t let your friends or anything else suck you into its storm, pull them into your peace. And if they are too heavy to pull, cut the cord. If you already have a life plan, my advice is not to share it with anyone that wasn’t in the plan to begin with. Write your fate now. Let your biggest fear be complacency. Pep-talk yourself into that mood. Go create. For your children and their children, go start feeding them now. Let the struggle of standing alone be your motivation. Stay hunting. Stay grinding. Trust me, if you can’t put your shit together when you have time, energy and motivation from a society of teenage millionaires, will you when you’re in your thirties? Grab fate by the balls and whisper in its ear, “I own you.”




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