MEN.tality| Acclimation

Becoming a man is a journey. A jump from the giddy adventures of boyhood, to the sound responsibility and honor of the man you could become. Being a man is about MEN.tality.

AcclimationThe process in which an individual organism adjusts to a gradual change in its environment .

Sometimes I wonder who I am, Sometimes I worry about the real me. The different men that I am with my friends, my family, myself. The man I am with the one I love. Am I that headstrong boy that wouldn’t change his mind even for his father? That boy that became a man by breaking away. By writing his own story not theirs. That free spirit.

Am I that silent, composed adolescent that lived in his mind. That boy that exorcised himself into submission almost for too long. Just one more day, just one more. Am I that scrawny teenage lad with the inner strength of ten men? Is that me? Am I that talent that molded itself into success? Am I that marvel still? Am I that self reliant, self sufficient, but oh so humble soul that did it all with nothing but faith in himself? I once dreamt that I was a mushroom. Born and bred at the feet of others. Flourishing from their filth. Finding my way up to French kitchens for kings and duchesses. Do I remember what it felt like to have nothing but faith? Am I that man with so much love it could drown the seas. Am I that man that could not speak, could not breath when you became mine. Are the lengths I am willing to go to a measure of the weight of my soul. Is it the definition of me? If I died today would this be my story? The man that loved to death. The man that always chose you, but you never once chose me. This fool for love. Is this me? I am the wind beneath my wings, I am the weight on my shoulders. I am the rule, that is the exception. I am all of these men, but I am none of them.

By Mark Gitonga.

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