In Female Form

_MG_4871Indeed a woman is marvellous,so marvelous that Patrick Mukabi aka Panye has spent over 15 years of his life mastering the art of expressing the beauty of a woman in his eyes.I asked him why he draws just women and his answer was quite simple ‘because I am a man’. In addition to that he helped me understand that a woman is the true mirror to how the society is faring.Be it economically or socially.A muslim society for example,you will find most if not all women very modestly dressed in beautiful ‘Buibuis’ and ‘Hijabs’. Patrick Mukabi draws no boundaries to what woman he paints(so he convinced me) although I remember teasing him about mostly drawing women with big ‘matakos’._MG_4888

For a man who has travelled and
exhibited his work worldwide, he still takes time aside from his busy schedule to mentor other young artists at his recently opened Dust Depo Art Gallery.He recently took part at the exhibition that took place at Villa Rosa Kempinsky labelled #worthmorealive .This exhibition in conjuction with the ivory burning exercise that will happening in the next two weeks was organized in order to raise awareness against the killing of elephants in a bid to sell ivory.

Mukabi has built a household name as a man who has put keen in mastering his art and was even featured in a Limited copy of the Life Journeys;a publication by footprintpress which featured the leading accomplished men in their various chosen fields.He has set himself apart as a man of great skill who is open to passing on his knowledge to the next generation.Catch him this and every Saturday at The Hub Karen as he interacts and teaches young boys and girls how to paint.


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