Becoming a man is a journey. A jump from the giddy adventures of boyhood, to the sound responsibility and honor of the man you could become. Being a man is about MEN.tality.


Brokenseparated into parts or pieces by being hit or damaged.

I know the beginning of the end. I have been here too many times. I know the smell of fear before the storm. I have smelled it too many times. I know what that look in your eye means. It means that you are giving up. It means that nothing was enough. That taste down your throat, that’s the blood. Blood from your heart, stabbed. Yes it still bleeds, Just as heavily as before. Yes it still loves, Still as blindly as before. Yes, it probably will bleed again. But your heart is not the vortex you think it be. Pulling them in and spitting out bones. Your soul is not the storms eye. Too dark to look into. Too heavy to breath in. You’ve done this before. Picked yourself up, Dusted yourself off. You’ve been here before. In this hollowness, this emptiness you feel, You will find that all you ever needed was yourself. That the meaning of life is in death. That to be made whole, you need be broken. And what is a man, if not the remains of war.

By Mark Gitonga.

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