In Love with Karura

_MG_3858In my bid to travel more I take on random trips to anywhere and explore. I had been thinking of going to Karura for the longest time but I either freaked out by the thought of going alone or got derailed by a more fun filled activity. The annual worldwide Instameet could not come at a better time and to of all places, Karura. The meet was scheduled for 9.00am but the cat in me could not take mud and rain at once so I decided to wait till the rains had stopped. Lucky for me I bumped into Humphrey aka Nairobiphoet who we walked together throughout the forest as we had arrived a few hours later than most people. I was so lucky to have met Humphrey because I do not know how I could have survived bringing my indecisiveness to the forest without a map. Yes, I am those people who pick both items in the supermarket because they can’t decide.


To see how well preserved the forest had remained filled my heart with joy to know that Wangari Maathai fight to protect the forest from destruction did not go in vain. Our 3km walk was mostly motivated by the fact that we were going to find a waterfall which we never did but the beauty and serenity of the place kept us distracted enough to not feel bad. I thrive in silence so for me to find a place where the only sound in the air was that of birds chirping away, I felt at peace and wanted to keep going.  In our quest for the perfect for the pose for the perfect shot, we stepped on ants which later on started to bite us, literally.

As we kept walking, we met lots of other people who had come to Karura to hike or bike and even met a security man who had the most adorable security dog I know. The roads have been made in a way that one can either bike or walk. An added advantage was the fact that the forest has posters which tell you where you currently are and which sites are close to you.

After 3 hours of relaxing and photography and we were ready to go home. We both agreed we would return and find the waterfall though and that will happen soon. Thank you for reading



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