Art is a form of expression that takes a lot of gut, heart and commitment to pursue. It is not an endeavour that one can just wake up and do without putting some serious effort into the craft. For today’s featured artist we’ll be looking at a magnificent painter who goes by the names Timothy Ochola, a student of Landscape Architecture at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He asserts that his paintings are geared towards showcasing beauty in everyday life which is what he intend the world to see. He also states that each piece is a journey in itself and he believes that art is the best way to capture the secrets of animals and human beings. For the 21 year old who is targeting to gain global recognition we at BD254 can give him a hearty thumbs up as his work clearly speaks for itself. You can reach him via mail @:

Here are some of his works enjoy and don’t be stingy….Like and Share. #BD254 #letssupportkenyanart


5 thoughts on “ART FROM THE HEART”

  1. I know Timoth Ochola he is a great friend of mine, i once told him anything is possible if he does it out of passion. Painting is a good career that can take him to different places across the world. I wish him the best, proud to be a friend to such a talented boy. Keep up Tim Tim

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  2. great work Tim keep going because you’re certainly good at it… passion makes us so what we do beautifully


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