MEN.tality : C.onviction

This generation is doomed. Doomed to a fate we can only fight to escape. Doomed to the minimalities of overnight success. To live in a state of comfort. A facade of relaxation and a mindset corrupted by simple luxuries. Not everyone is so blessed, of course, but those privileged enough to read this know what i mean. To put it simply, we are lazy, undeserving and smug. We want that good life and we’ll take the shortest route to get there but does life really work that way? Feel free to disagree, but for a majority of urban Kenya youth, the plan is simple: Go to school, graduate university, get a white collar job, something stable and cushy. Start morgage payments on that apartment in Milimani. Maybe secure a loan for a nice imported car. Soon after comes marriage and kids after that. So where exactly is the success in this story? Where is the worth of your life justified? Is it in the basic life you lived? The basic path you followed? The maturity that is lost to us 90’s kids is the gospel of reaching for more. Honest truth is, you’ll reach that point in time where you decide to finally do it. To push for it. That dream that keeps you up at night. That truth that you don’t share lest you be told you can’t. Your time; you decide. You’ll try, but you’ll fail. Because every success starts with failure. Now, where our generation goes wrong is lacking the stamina to pursue that dream again and again. To keep pushing those walls till we find a crack. A chance at hope towards the great potential within all men. No, we’d rather call 999 and let them break those walls for us, as we upload the video on snapchat. We lack the stamina only cultivated from a certain life of self reliance. Do you think that hardship breeds discipline? Because I do. That resilience, that pressure that makes diamonds. We crack under it. We are the counterfeit, black market, wanna-be, glass diamonds and we know it. So what needs be done you ask? Reach for more. Exert yourself. Give till you can give no more. Then watch what you get knowing it’s from the best you could give. It is your legacy. Find the purpose for your life and make it your life’s mission. Don’t waste this shot you got. Show you ancestors that though you had it easy, you can take it hard. In his lifetime, a man needs to prove his worth. Not only to the world, but more importantly to himself.

By Mark Gitonga.

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