MEN.tality: D.estruction.

Love is a beautiful thing. To want one person with such honesty that it scares you. To care for someone so deeply, that you think yourself stupid for letting this one person make you feel so much. Feel too much. Angry that this one person can actually make you expose the real you without trying. Strip you to your barest self. Love is a powerful thing. It makes even the strongest frail. It challenges the safety of normalcy. It excites us. Makes us breath deeper, live louder, run till we bleed. Love has power to give new life. Rebirth into this dimension of unfelt emotion and misguided decisions. Its touch is infectious. Like a maddening disease, it breaks your sanity and turns you inside out. All you can do is watch. This is its power. Love is a mysterious thing. A connection of souls. An aligning of spirit, body and mind together forever. What bonds are these that keep two polar opposites together against restrictions of time and space? Of love we speak and hear and hope from the day we are born, but have any of us understood? Where does it come from if not the bowels of the universe handing us our soul mates. Showing us our destinies. Man was made to love. Love is a painful thing. Pain in not finding it, pain in having it all your life. It is a knife laced with poison that sinks ever deeper. Ever hurting, never seeming to heal. It is a risk taken only by the brave. To hold on to someone, to place your soul in their hands. To know that someday they may crush it, they may let you go, hoping it isn’t today. Love is a game of the brave. Love is a destructive thing. It is a truth hidden beneath the dirt, behind layers of insecurity and pretence. To seek out love is to search for pain. It is a tool used by gods to destroy gods, to destroy the Samsons within us. Because we love, we hate. Because we have love, we have bombs and guns and death. Killing me softly, or killing me swiftly. Because I love, I die. Love is life itself. The beauty, the power, the pain, the mystery, the destruction and eventually the death.

By Mark Gitonga.

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