Of poetry and song

Poetry is an art form that needs no introduction. It is not an abstract piece of art work that needs endless hours to identify it as such. The message on the other hand is up to the poet. Music on the other hand is a classical art form that keeps changing and each season a new brand of music comes up. Today we get to look at one of these brands through the eyes of such a band i.e Vijana Baruaru.

IMG-20160717-WA0002Vijana Barubaru officially kick-started two years ago and is comprised of two talented artists who also happen to be very close friends i.e.: Spikes Mshairi who is the rapper/poet of the group and Steven Juma who is the lead vocalist and instrumentalist in most cases.  Their genre of music is afro-pop with influences from rap and poetry.

They believe in using their African heritage and style of music to inspire and develop their music. Recently they just finished working on a project with 20 more days called Kumbuka which is a nostalgic piece of music taking us back to the country’s glorious days.

They are currently working with Kenya korna on a project dubbed refuse to abuse where they go round high school urging students to preserve their environment and stay away from drugs.

They are also working on their album which they believe will greatly impact the young generation with stories of love, politics, religion and positivity  is due to be released late next year.

You can link up with them on Facebook via their fan-page: Vijana Barubaru and/or follow them on Instagram @vijanabarubaru.

We believe our music will change the music scene in Kenya.
Progress is always our instant goal.
Visibility, hard work, discipline being our backbone.
Vijana Barubaru


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