Introducing: Alashee the poet

Tiffany Wanjiru is a young spoken word poet who goes by the name Allashe. The name Alashee came about as a nickname from Alabasta dance crew which she was a member back in 2013.

Her poetic journey started in 2008 when she was in junior high. It was here that she started writing her own poems and performing them. Her motivation comes from the people around her and the reason she does poetry is to reciprocate the motivation to other people out there. She writes her poems during her free time and some of her pieces are derived from personal experiences that she prefers putting down on paper to express her feelings through.

She considers House Of Poetry (HOP) her family and they have played a major role in pointing her in the right direction. Her motto is to shoot for the galaxy because the stars ain’t the limit. Poet Mufasa,Teardrops and King Kaka are her main idols and hopes one day she can get to work with them. Her aim is to get both national and international recognition and won’t stop till she gets there.

You can connect with her via social media: Facebook: Allashee Tiffie and Instagram: @spokenpoet.

Her message to the beginners that they should never give up when what they do doesn’t go the way they planned.

“It takes determination and hard-work to be where you dream to be. There is stage fright and so many things that will happen when you are on stage more so when you are new to poetry but always have that person who has been in the industry for long who can guide you and tell you all you need to know about poetry.”

Alashee the poet


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