Mel’s studio

I first met Melody when I was visiting Karen Village to shoot an upcoming event I was to take part in. Just a walk into her studio was enough to tell that her sense of style was that of a true fashion designer. She looked like she had DVF on speed dial. Melody in her tiny physique is a woman of many talents. She illustrates fashion, sketches, drafts/illustrates patterns, cuts and stitches. In short, she makes custom made garments from scratch. All this goodness started to ooze out of her from childhood. After high school, she joined Evelyn’s College to study Fashion Design which helped in shaping her path towards being a better designer.

No great legend has succeeded by just working on their own. Melody clearly understands that and she also has put in some years collaborating and interning for local fashion houses as Akiki, Pana Production, Cool beans and even WaziWazi which she says has also greatly helped her in understanding fashion as a business.

She is now located at Karen Village where she sews up great storms (if there is anything like that).  Her work is exemplary and you all should get yourself an amazing custom made garment. In the meantime, feast your eyes and don’t forget to thank me later.


MJ Kawira


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