Name: Increatives Kenya/ #UsikuSacco

Style: Diverse

Social media handles:

 Facebook:  Increatives

Instagram: @increativeske

Twitter:       @increativeske



“Increatives Kenya is a group of young individuals enthusiastic about art and expression. Our main pillars are photography, web and graphic designs, fashion design and social media marketing. Our main inspiration is the desire and yearn to tell our own stories the best way we know how. We use our talents and acquired skills to express ourselves about different issues in our modern society. We are also specialists in night photography in the streets of Nairobi thus the nickname #UsikuSacco. Our streets are expressive and we love exploring different ideas and concepts. Increatives was birthed in November 2015 after a random creatives’ meet up and the idea of a common firm popped up. In all our work, we preach Jesus without boarders regardless of us having a christian background.”

Increatives Kenya

Art Redefined


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