Presenting: The Frostographer

Name: Royce Bett/ The Frostographer

Style: Diverse

Social media handles: 

Instagram: the.frostographer

Facebook: Royce Bett



“My name is Royce Bett, but most people know me as Frost. I’m a film student at Kenyatta University. I do a number of things, but photography is my main focus. I would say I got into photography by accident. I realized that it was a lot of fun and as time went by I got better at it. After a while I decided that that was what I wanted to do with my life. I can’t say I’m where I want to be in that respect, but growth is gradual; I’ll get there someday. I can’t describe my style of photography because I haven’t narrowed it down. There are various methods and techniques of doing what I do and I’m still exploring them. I can say this though. I like capturing people in natural settings; at moments where they don’t even realize I’m there, that way the subject is him/herself. I hope to use photography as a tool to study people and in turn, myself. Also to make a living, of course.”

The Frostographer

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