Introducing| Ashley Nyambura

We shouldn’t fear releasing our own sounds as the people are listening.

Ashley Nyambura

Music performances are like the movies, the focus tends to stick on the main act and the supporting cast is overlooked. However, in some cases the supporting cast might just do such an exemplary job that they stand out on their own. This week on BD254  we happen to have one such act. It is none other than Ashley Nyambura. Some of you might know her from her shows as Anto Neo Soul’s  back up singer or as a music teacher. Either way, her presence and powerful voice will always leave an impression on you as it happened with us. We happened to get her minute with her to set up an interview after a stellar performance at the Godown Gig. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen here is Ashley:
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To Naivasha

One of the most exciting part about having a bucket list is getting to tick something off. Especially if it’s a thing close to your heart or you are most passionate about. Well, I got to tick off a train trip to Naivasha and it was short of nothing but exciting. More so because I got to have a closer look of the scenic views I watched from afar while growing up along the escarpment of The great Rift Valley. Continue reading To Naivasha

Introducing| Kahvinya

No one can grow alone.


Discovering new artists is always the main goal for any audiophile. However, discovering an awesome artist who’ll get you stuck on replay is total bliss. I stumbled upon Kahvinya’s music during one of my random SoundCloud excursions and it was love at first listen. Incubator (the acapella version) was the song and trust me it’s an epic journey. After listening to more of her work I decided I had to share her story with you guys at least give you an introduction to the marvel that is Kahvinya. Continue reading Introducing| Kahvinya

Introducing| Tunu Jumwa

You don’t learn how to swim outside the swimming pool.

Tunu Jumwa

Music is a multi dimensional craft in that a lot of elements are at play. However, most people tend to focus on the lead singer and tend to overlook a certain group of people who are part of the magic. Without them the live shows can’t be as electrifying as they are always set out to be. Yes you guessed right, the instrumentalists. However, Tunu Jumwa is a cut above the rest. From getting a scholarship due to her prowess and getting a lucrative endorsement deal, this bass guitarist is definitely worth looking into and here is what she had to share about herself and her  love for the bass. Continue reading Introducing| Tunu Jumwa

Introducing| Tess Eidalla

We should learn to listen.

Tess Eidalla

Tess Eidalla is a bubbly fellow with the voice of a siren. She is a founding member and sole surviving member of the Eidalla band that officially disbanded last year. The bd team has bumped into her in various gigs and after the 2016 edition of the Koch festival we decided it was time we shone the spotlight on this rare gem. Here is what she had to say: Continue reading Introducing| Tess Eidalla

The Journey | Valentine Ziki

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Rise early and create

Valentine Ziki

I got to meet and see Valentine Ziki for the first time at The GoDown gig. For those of you who are not in the know, The Godown gig is a monthly live music event which happens on the last Sunday of every month at The Godown Arts Centre.  It was just after her performance (which was more than entertaining to say the least), that we managed to get her contacts and set up an interview which was quite adventurous to say the least(Nairobians specifically artists, we really need to know our city).

The interview was held at Kuona Trust. Trust me finding this place the first time is no walk in the park and  we learnt that google maps at times can lead you into the highway. After getting lost a few times we were able to finally locate the venue and here is what she had to say: Continue reading The Journey | Valentine Ziki

Lovers nature…

For this shoot we wanted to capture the theme of love within a natural environment, Ololua nature trail  to be exact. However, the shoot is split into two. The first dubbed lovers on the first couple that is our very own Maureen Mwangi with hubby Jonathan Mutua.  The second half focuses on motherhood by Salome Ng’ang’a.  Behind the lens was the one and only Joseph Mwalumah. Continue reading Lovers nature…

Baking with Manga 254

My best friend is literally in-love with cake, yet my worst fear in my cooking world is baking. I recently learnt how to cook Ugali and funny enough that has somewhat improved my baking confidence. Continue reading Baking with Manga 254

The Journey | Ricky Nanjero

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We need to understand what ‘living off of music‘ really means.

Ricky Nanjero

Within the music circles, jazz is revered as one of the greatest genres. From instrumentalists to vocalists the sentiments are the same. It is for this reason we decided we had to have a sit down with one of the most respected artists in the field in the country.

If you are an avid jazz events goer you should know him from his event: An evening of AfrojazzHis name is Patrick Nanjero or rather as he is commonly known; Ricky Nanjero. The Eastlands native took time to have a discussion with us via phone about his journey as and artist, his upbringing and his interests. Continue reading The Journey | Ricky Nanjero

His name is Max

I know it’s late but hey…what a way to start the year. The shoot had the no shave November theme in mind. The dress-code was purely street wear. Behind the lens was our very own Joseph Mwalumah  and in front of it was the new face of BD i.e. Max (More deets on the way).  You know what to do: like, share, relate… Continue reading His name is Max