Baking with Manga 254

My best friend is literally in-love with cake, yet my worst fear in my cooking world is baking. I recently learnt how to cook Ugali and funny enough that has somewhat improved my baking confidence.

I set myself a target to bake them a cake this new year(2017), less than a month away (yikes!). Hopefully my mum will be there with her great cooking skills to hold my hand or help with the whole process just in case I panic in the last minute.

Fortunately, not all of us have baking phobias. Brian and Wendy, a baker couple have mastered the art of making the most nutritious muffins I have had the pleasure of tasting. Their team work and coordination got me falling in love with their passion.

Just 3 months in the business, Brian and Wendy have been able to put together a business by the name Manga 254 which makes a variety of 6 muffins that they sell in local pop up markets, festivals as well as to their friends.

Some of the special ingredients used in the making of this lovely muffins include; chocolate chunks, peanuts, raisins , grated carrots, sour milk, coconut milk and oats. One bite is enough to  tantalize your taste buds and leave you begging you for  more!

For those of us who are keen on watching their waistline, the muffins are such a healthy option for a snack as they are made with the best of whole foods such as cassava flour.

To find out more about Manga.254, check out their Instagram page @manga.254 to place an order or even to find out their next adventure.



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