To Naivasha

One of the most exciting part about having a bucket list is getting to tick something off. Especially if it’s a thing close to your heart or you are most passionate about. Well, I got to tick off a train trip to Naivasha and it was short of nothing but exciting. More so because I got to have a closer look of the scenic views I watched from afar while growing up along the escarpment of The great Rift Valley.

Just the sight of the environment was enough cue for my inner child to come out and play. I was torn between staring and photographing. The Rift valley is quite the scene with the great vegetation and the vastness of it’s terrain. I had more fun travelling by train because the views are not obstructed by anything as the railway passes across the Rift Valley from Nairobi all the way to Suswa.

There is this 1km tunnel just before you get to Limuru that really had me even more excited. Apparently it was built as a tunnel because the owner of the land would not allow the rail to go over his land as he felt that the train would scare his cows. What the constructors did is that they built a tunnel through his land as it was located on a hill.

Did you know that you can freely walk around while the train is moving? I also got to learn that the railway line in imbalanced so as to keep the train balanced. The noise can be a bit much at first but once you get to look outside it  automatically becomes the least of your struggles

Being on a train taught me a few precious lessons. At some places, the railway line can get slidy because of the rain or too much litter being dropped on the line. This is a serious problem because the a train depends on the friction between the wheels and the rain for it to move forward. What a train does when this happens is that it moves back to a distance where it’s not sliding, then go up the rail road while pouring sand on the rail which creates friction and helps it move forward with no hustle at all. Cool huh? Such determination gets me!

I really enjoyed the train trip and I love the rhythm that train made as it scouts across the Rift Valley in a bid not to stop until they got to the top. When the ground gets slippery, they take a few steps back, put in some friction with sand and then go up the rail road again with less hustle.



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