Introducing| Ashley Nyambura

We shouldn’t fear releasing our own sounds as the people are listening.

Ashley Nyambura

Music performances are like the movies, the focus tends to stick on the main act and the supporting cast is overlooked. However, in some cases the supporting cast might just do such an exemplary job that they stand out on their own. This week on BD254  we happen to have one such act. It is none other than Ashley Nyambura. Some of you might know her from her shows as Anto Neo Soul’s  back up singer or as a music teacher. Either way, her presence and powerful voice will always leave an impression on you as it happened with us. We happened to get her minute with her to set up an interview after a stellar performance at the Godown Gig. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen here is Ashley:

To start us off, please tell as a few quick facts about yourself?

My names are Ashley Nyambura. I am pretty shy and quiet contrary to my stage performance. I play the piano a bit. I am a music teacher. I teach voice lessons at Naisula School.

If you don’t mind please tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up in Lang’ata. My dad is a fine artist. I can draw too but i prefer abstract works.

How and when did you start your music journey?

I started singing when i was 5 years old. Back in highschool (Moi Girls Nairobi) ,  I was an active member of the Music and Drama club. I was also a member of The Kenya Girls choir and the Safaricom choir. I also used to sing with Harry Kimani A few years back.

Please tell us how you became Anto’s back up singer.

I used to be friends with Anto’s bassist. He introduced me to him a while back and we started working together.

So what genres do you focus on?

I love to focus on jazz, neosoul, black gospel...I am quite diverse.

What do you do during your downtime?

I love reading and listening to music.

What are your two cents on the Kenyan music scene?

I am happy that diverse genres of music are being accepted more and more. The audiences are open to more sounds than before.

What about the Kenyan artists, what can you tell them?

We shouldn’t fear releasing our own sounds as the people are listening.

To close us off what can we expect from Ashley?

I have an album in the works. The details will be out sooner than later.

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