The Journey| Mathewmatix Rabala

There are very many good musicians, we just need to  appreciate our own artists.

Mathewmatix Rabala

Honestly speaking in the world of music especially Kenyan music, there are levels to this. Whenever, you bring up the ‘OGs’ of the system, leaving out Mathew is an injustice. The Jericho born drummer, is a soldier in the art and we had a chance to have a sit down with him and he gave us a front seat tour through his artistic journey.

Who was Mathew before the music?

Mathew was a footballer/ acrobat from Jericho. He was a student of Ofafa Jericho High  and Dr. Livingstone Primary.

How did the music start?

For 6 years I was an acrobat before Isaac Mugunda introduced me to music professionally. I was a church band member then. I was taught by Kari how to play various instruments. However, it was in secondary school that I started my professional career by playing with Isaac Mugunda.

How did you end up forming Gravitti band?

It was just a short while after playing for a band called Kikwetu that me, Isaac and a few other friends came together and formed Yunasi. Yunasi was actually a church band and we played in it for a while before finally coming together and forming Gravitti.

Who are some of your influences?

There’s Dobet Gnahore, Boris Chango, Henry Saha, Amani Baya and Joji Porgy.

What is your standard rig?

My rig is a complete drum set which includes: cymbals, snare and pedals. However, i always carry my own snare.

What are some of the high and low moments in your career?

I got conned when I started out as a drummer. Back then information wasn’t that available as it is now and thus it always took time before you got the memo.

However, music has allowed me to travel to over 25 countries such as: Thailand, Djibouti, Denmark, Australia and Uganda just to mention a few.

I’ve also been able to host my own events such as Ngoma Jazz, Drum jam and Mathewmatix house of Jazz.

What do you make of the Kenyan Industry?

There are very many good musicians, we just need to  appreciate our own artists and the media can help greatly in this.

To link up with Mathew, click on the links below:




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