Presenting| @dubiz_ernesto

When most see a camera and a face the first word that comes to mind is the ‘selfie’. However, today we get to showcase a different type of photography that involves cameras and faces but it’s not a ‘selfie’.

If you have been following this month’s series(photography month), you might have come across the term portraiture. If you are well versed with art terminologies you can deduce the term is derived from the word portrait which refers to a painting or drawing of a person that captures the face and mostly ends slightly below the shoulders and/or collarbone. Portraiture type of photography basically has the same goal only difference is instead of a paintbrush or pastel you have a camera.

From the long introduction, you can already guess where I was going with this. Today’s featured photographer goes by the handle @dubiz_ernesto. He claims to be a diverse photographer but from the looks of his Instagram feed, he is nothing less than a master of portraiture. His style mostly incorporates the use of shadows and highlights to bring out the intended vibe. You should definitely check this budding artist  out.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we present @dubiz_ernesto: Continue reading Presenting| @dubiz_ernesto

Presenting| @Onyango_Odhiambo

When most people talk about day one brothers, they are usually referring to a friendship that has survived the test of time over say a couple of years. However, very few get the chance of having to say this while literally meaning from day one and today we get the chance prove our validity in this elite club.

He started out as a photographer around the same time BD was still getting the hang of the monthly shoots. We happened to procure his services and it was one memorable experience. It’s one of those shoots we always laugh about and it’ll never leave our memories. His name is John Onyango.

From a very informed perspective we at BD can say this fellow has come a long way, from nervous bouts during shoots to being featured on VSCO to recently having shoots within the Kasarani Sports Centre. He tends to specialise in portraiture but is not limited to it as he has dabbled in an array of other styles as well. Saying this photographer is going places is an understatement and it would be a shame if you didn’t check out his instagram.  Without further ado, we present… Continue reading Presenting| @Onyango_Odhiambo

Presenting| @a_mythical_stranger

From the featured image and the title head, you can clearly tell today’s feature is definitely one of a kind. His instagram feed goes by the tag @a_mythical_stranger and boy does he live up to the expectations, at least the myth part(you’ll understand why in a minute relax). If you happen to be a follower of the bigwig pages of the kenyan photography scene on instagram, you will definitely run into his work. His style is quite diverse but it tends to capture your imagination. So don’t be too hard on yourself for posing the question, “How?”…

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Presenting| @the.frostographer

Well it’s yet another edition of our periodic photography month and today to start us off and for the second time in a row; we have the eccentric and talented Frostographer. We have to say this guys progression has been nothing short of amazing. From a phone to a dslr ‘watu wametoka mbali’. His style is quite diverse and his last shoot flooding our Instagram feed with the afrominimalist can attest to this. He is a perfect example of consistency and dedication can take you places. From shoots with Swiga to capturing iconic moments in events such as the Mojuice album launch at the Alchemist and an image from his last shoot being picked and noticed by the curators for Vsco boy definitely got the sauce. The Frostographer is definitely worth watching out for and hopefully his submissions for this edition will encourage you to  show some love to his Instagram and Vsco channels…

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The Spotlight| Euphoria by KMRU

There’s no yin without yen

The Prodigy

Album: Euphoria

Artist: KMRU

Release date: 10th February 2017

Genre: Tropical House, EDM and Deep House

Rating: 6.9/ 10

I have listened to this album quite a few times since it was dropped on my desk and honestly anyone who still complains that Kenyan music is garbage needs divine intervention. Before, this album I hardly knew Joseph Kamaru aka KMRU but after running a background check on him by snooping on his SoundCloud channel, I have to say he has some solid backing if you consider the positive reviews by edm kenya.  Continue reading The Spotlight| Euphoria by KMRU

Introducing| Joseph Kamaru

The Kenyan house and EDM scene is quite diverse and full of really unique talented individuals. Joseph Kamaru is a very gifted artist who happens to be one of them and he does nothing short of delivering musical gold. In case you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it’s probably has to do with the fact that he is related to the benga maestro who goes by the same name. However, that shouldn’t fool you as this 20 year old has done nothing but carve a niche for himself without riding on his old man’s waves. From his very active SoundCloud profile to his recent compilation release titled Euphoria,  you can tell he is an artist on a mission. So here on the ‘Introducing’ segment we give you Joseph Kamaru:  Continue reading Introducing| Joseph Kamaru

Introducing| Jonathan Fraser

art is more of a means of communication, it’s more than just beauty

Jonathan Fraser

Art is a form of expression that is at times misunderstood. However, for our featured artist today his art is everything but that. He was one of the main features at the recently concluded Anatomy of me showcase at the Art Space and it was quite a marvel. Without further ado we give you Jonathan Fraser:  Continue reading Introducing| Jonathan Fraser