Introducing| Joseph Kamaru

The Kenyan house and EDM scene is quite diverse and full of really unique talented individuals. Joseph Kamaru is a very gifted artist who happens to be one of them and he does nothing short of delivering musical gold. In case you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it’s probably has to do with the fact that he is related to the benga maestro who goes by the same name. However, that shouldn’t fool you as this 20 year old has done nothing but carve a niche for himself without riding on his old man’s waves. From his very active SoundCloud profile to his recent compilation release titled Euphoria,  you can tell he is an artist on a mission. So here on the ‘Introducing’ segment we give you Joseph Kamaru: 

Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Joseph Kamaru, a 20 year old music student at Kenyatta University. I am passionate about music and I’ve always wanted  to transfer this passion into a career. I was raised in Kariokor and and my passion for music began in High-school.

Are you related to the benga musician Joseph Kamaru by any chance and if so has he impacted your music in any way?

Yes, he is my grandfather. He constantly gives me advice and is definitely one of my inspirations in doing music. Funny enough, I am the only grandchild in the family who followed in his footsteps although in a different genre.

What genre of music do you focus on and who inspires your music?

I am currently experimenting, trying to get my own sound. However, I love Tropical House. It has these Caribbean vibe to it that I really like.

As for my inspiration, I’ll have to go with Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5.

Please tell us about your musical journey from your days in high-school to now?

Back in high-school, I used to play the guitar and participate in the annual music festivals. Once I was done, I decided to pursue it as a career in 2015. I took up a course in music in university with the aim of improving my skills. Later on I got signed on to a record label in Germany by the name Black Lemon which I still am in. Late last year I started working on my first album under the record label.

How did you manage getting a deal with Black Lemon?

Last year around September, I had a friend of mine called Henrick who happens to be a very good producer help me work on a track called Feeling. At the time I was searching online for any opportunity at getting a deal online and I happened to land on them. I sent them the sample of the track and the feedback came in a bit later. They showed interest in my music and after a few discussions I was able to get a record deal spanning 5 years from the exchange.

What are some of the benefits you’ve accrued from the deal?

Before Black Lemon, I used to make random tracks just to get more plays on SoundCloud and it was a lot of work. I had to send links manually to my friends and relatives and it was quite tedious. Since I got signed, my distribution strategy is way smoother and less of a hassle as I don’t have to always be hands on.

You recently released a compilation project by the name Euphoria, could you give us some insight into it?

Euphoria is a compilation of ambient tracks, real sounds and real life. Some of the sounds are live recordings of sounds I’d hear in town while walking or just in an open space. I consider it a journey of real life sounds, sounds that make you go into a state of bliss.

What should your fans expect from you after Euphoria specifically this year?

My grandfather and I are definitely working on something together. This is a year of collaborations, they should expect a lot of those. I have projects with 3 new artistes and even Suraj has reached out showing interest in working with me on a project.

What does one need to do to get to work with you and are you genre/ artist specific?

I am open to work with anyone. All they need to do is send me an email or reach me via my SoundCloud channel and we can work something out.

To close us off please give us 5 random facts about you?

  1. I love going to Java alone. I just like being in my own space and vibe sometimes and this helps me create more and better.
  2. I love coffee.
  3. I am a huge fan of anime, I am currently watching one punch man.
  4. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and every year I have to do a marathon of all the books and movies.
  5. I play classical guitar.

To connect with Joseph, just click on the links below:

To get yourself a copy of Euphoria, click on the links down below:

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