The Spotlight| Euphoria by KMRU

There’s no yin without yen

The Prodigy

Album: Euphoria

Artist: KMRU

Release date: 10th February 2017

Genre: Tropical House, EDM and Deep House

Rating: 6.9/ 10

I have listened to this album quite a few times since it was dropped on my desk and honestly anyone who still complains that Kenyan music is garbage needs divine intervention. Before, this album I hardly knew Joseph Kamaru aka KMRU but after running a background check on him by snooping on his SoundCloud channel, I have to say he has some solid backing if you consider the positive reviews by edm kenya. 

Before I get into the album you’ll have to get the idea behind it and to do that just click on the hyperlink above (clickbait IKR). However, the term Euphoria should give you a pretty clear idea on what it intends to capture. This is basically an album meant to evoke feel good vibes. So for anyone who’s having a bad day or needs a jolt of happiness, here’s a really good cure.


IT IS A GOOD KENYAN ALBUM. This should be enough reason to buy it. We should support our own. Patriotism aside, the quality of the production is quite decent and most of the tracks deliver the feeling and vibe the name brings to mind. The track Feel is one hell of a kicker. The hook is quite catchy and can get anyone chanting to it. Believe me, I know it sounds like a joke but I’d put up a #feelchallenge just to prove this theory.

What I also loved about this album is the fact that most of the tracks are age friendly in that they can be enjoyed by both old and young people. Let’s be honest it’s very rare for most albums to pull this off in this day and age. The content is either unrelatable or the music is just bordering on being classified as noise. However, Kamaru did a really good job of balancing out the ‘noise’ if I can call it that. However, the chill vibed tracks are just enough to keep you going, the a bit more aggressive jams also don’t go overboard so if you are expecting some heavy Skrillex like tones you’ll probably be disappointed.

On the other hand, the authenticity can be felt. It’s not just an album put out to feed the hunger for the masses. You can tell that the artist had a vision of it and that the title isn’t necessarily misleading.

Lastly, I love the fact that the artist’s distribution and marketing team went out of their way to supply the album in various outlets meaning almost anyone and everyone can get their hand son it one way or another. This is an avenue most artists fail and I have to hand it in to them for going the extra mile in making it as available as they did.


This is the part that most people hate me for but hey there’s no yin without yen right? I didn’t find that many issues with this compilation. However, on the first listen, I have to admit I felt like some tracks weren’t at home. By this I mean, the essence of the chill vibe brought out by tracks like feel, eternal summer and alive just to name a few got lost. However, this can probably be attributed to the fact that it is the artists first compilation project and it’s understandable. Most artists tend to experiment a lot in the beginning but with time he’ll develop and become better.

On the other hand considering it is the first project, most people would say it’s a bit pricey. I’m not saying this as a bad thing as I believe in investing in quality music but $9.99 on iTunes is a bit hefty when compared to other releases in the market these days. Luckily for those with access to spotify the option of streaming is available but this still isn’t location friendly for some.

Lastly, the tracklisting is a bit different in two of the online stores i.e: beatport and itunes. The beatport version has 11 tracks as compared to the itunes version which has 10 and the tracklisting isn’t the same. The prices also vary slightly currency rates notwitshstanding but it probably has to do with the missing song. This might be a mess up on the upload team but it definitely needs to be addressed as some fans might not get the intended experience.


For a debut album, Kamaru did some good work. From my point of view, he has a favourable start, he is still experimenting  but as soon as he settles on his sound I am confident enough that his next compilation will be a force to reckon with. For any house/ edm fans I’d definitely recommend it. For any anti-kenyan music critics I highly recommend it just for the production and diversity he’s managed to set up.

Till next time, its been a pleasure:

The Prodigy

To get a copy of Euphoria here are the links:

► DJ Shop:
To read more about the artist click here.

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