Presenting| @the.frostographer

Well it’s yet another edition of our periodic photography month and today to start us off and for the second time in a row; we have the eccentric and talented Frostographer. We have to say this guys progression has been nothing short of amazing. From a phone to a dslr ‘watu wametoka mbali’. His style is quite diverse and his last shoot flooding our Instagram feed with the afrominimalist can attest to this. He is a perfect example of consistency and dedication can take you places. From shoots with Swiga to capturing iconic moments in events such as the Mojuice album launch at the Alchemist and an image from his last shoot being picked and noticed by the curators for Vsco boy definitely got the sauce. The Frostographer is definitely worth watching out for and hopefully his submissions for this edition will encourage you to  show some love to his Instagram and Vsco channels…

Name: Royce Bett/ The Frostographer

Style: Diverse

Social media handles: 

Instagram: the.frostographer

Facebook: Royce Bett



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