Presenting| @dubiz_ernesto

When most see a camera and a face the first word that comes to mind is the ‘selfie’. However, today we get to showcase a different type of photography that involves cameras and faces but it’s not a ‘selfie’.

If you have been following this month’s series(photography month), you might have come across the term portraiture. If you are well versed with art terminologies you can deduce the term is derived from the word portrait which refers to a painting or drawing of a person that captures the face and mostly ends slightly below the shoulders and/or collarbone. Portraiture type of photography basically has the same goal only difference is instead of a paintbrush or pastel you have a camera.

From the long introduction, you can already guess where I was going with this. Today’s featured photographer goes by the handle @dubiz_ernesto. He claims to be a diverse photographer but from the looks of his Instagram feed, he is nothing less than a master of portraiture. His style mostly incorporates the use of shadows and highlights to bring out the intended vibe. You should definitely check this budding artist  out.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we present @dubiz_ernesto:

Name:  Ernest Omondi

Style: Diverse but mainly focuses on Portraiture


Instagram: dubiz_ernesto

Facebook: Nesto’s art



Heey , my name is Ernest Omondi, I’m also known as Nesto. I’m a university student. My journey into Photography started while I was still in high-school. It was my love for imagery that made me curious about how one would come up with such amazing art that was so well composed. After clearing high-school, I joined a school in Nairobi known as Versatile school of photography where I was taught all the essentials of photography and was exposed to great minds. I developed a unique love for portraits and later on I got into skin retouch. I love shooting in black and white because of its simplicity and the drama of highlights and shadows. As I keep practising, i aim at becoming a better ski retoucher and portrait creative and allow others to develop their own stories out of my pictures.


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