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Kenyan music has come a long way from the days of bumping to Boombatrain by Nameless and E-Sir, to the era of crews like Camp Mulla, to  the globetrotting trendsetting Sauti Sol and the new generation of diversity all across the entertainment scene. Today we happen to be featuring a member of this new era of awakening. To say that their music is okay would be an injustice. The Their style is mainly  influenced by elements of new age urban music but they still manage to keep the core Kenyan vibe of music. They go by the name Tribesmen. We were lucky enough to catch some of their members as they were releasing their debut compilation project titled MORE and they gave us an insight into what goes into their creative process and who they are.

 Who are the tribesmen?

Steezy: This is a Kenyan music crew established in 2014. It consists of 7 members i.e. 5 rappers, one producer and a singer…

Maj: There’s Steezy, who is our producer, Lexxie is the singer, Maj Impala, that’s me; I’m a rapper. Then there’s: Tony, Ghost and  Vern who are all rappers.

How did you come up with the name tribesmen?

Maj: Steezy can answer that…

Steezy: We were looking for a name that could be accepted locally but still stand out internationally. On the other hand we also wanted to be as authentic as possible so it took some time but we kept playing with different names till one day it just came up and we were like this is it.

How do you classify your music?

Steezy:  Our music is urban with elements of Afro in it with the intention of putting the Kenyan industry on the map.

So your goal is to get Kenyan music out there?

All: YES

Maj: Not only that but we also want to bring change in terms of quality, production and delivery.

Steezy; We’d like to improve the Kenyan music brand and prove that Kenyan music is worth listening to.

Could you tell me about your first song and Bestman?

Lexxie: I believe the first song as a whole crew as we are now was heartbeat. From the name you can tell, it was a love song. That was the first song I did with the crew and after that I became an official member shortly after.

Maj: Bestman was more of a notification of us getting back into action after a short hiatus. We felt like we needed something to let people know this is happening and we are not done yet.

So you are about to release a new album called MORE.(Based on the time of the interview it wasn’t released yet but it’s out now) Can you give me an insight into this project?IMG-20170329-WA0023

Steezy: Lexxy do you mind…

Lexxie: The name says it all. It’s all about giving our fans so much. We haven’t focused on a specific genre but it’s mostly Trap-music. You can find some of the songs on our SoundCloud, Audiomack and YouTube channels. We’re also organising radio airplay so keep an ear out for that.

To conclude this interview, in your experience so far, what do you think needs to change in the Kenyan music industry?

Lexxie: We need more appreciation for originality and originality itself.

Maj: We need to focus more on quality over hype.

Steezy: The audience should stop supporting shit! As Kenyans we should raise our standards in terms of expectations. That’s the only way we’ll be taken seriously out there.

To connect with Tribesmen and to stay in the loop on their new releases, just click on the links below:




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