Why you should attend the Kaya album launch.


This Saturday from 5-9 pm at the Michael Joseph Centre, history will be made as a very talented hiphop artist who goes by the stage name Jemedari will be launching his debut album Kaya. He’s the same guy who brought you suits and mics. He’s a visionary and my interview with him was eye opening but for that you’ll have to exercise some patience till next month when we run the Hiphop month. Speaking of interviews, we were lucky to catch him just in time before his launch and he was able to give us some insight on why this event is a must attend. 

Please tell us about the album launch happening this weekend.

The album is called Kaya. The event is happening at the Michael Joseph Centre from 5pm – 9pm. The entry fee is 1000KES and is inclusive of a physical copy of the album. Tickets will be available at the gate.

Why the name Kaya?

Kaya is a coastal term that translates to village. The whole album is an experiment to bring all coastal sounds to hiphop. It fuses traditional sounds with modern hiphop.

I like the concept of the album art what’s the inspiration behind it?

I have an event called suits and mics whose main aim was to clean up the image of hiphop and it even earned me the nickname ‘rapper wa suti na tie‘. I decided to incorporate that into this project and that explains the suit. The tribal mask is to bring out the coastal and traditional african feel the album has incorporated.

Have you featured any artists in this compilation? 

Yes, I have, there’s Dan Aceda, Fidel who is the lead singer for Le band, a lady called Waithera, Ms Okinda who happens to be the lead singer of Gravitti reggae and Abbih Nguma.

What should people expect when coming to this event?

They should expect a disciplined performance. Two hours of straight live music without interruptions. The artistes I mentioned will also be part of the performance.

There you have it folks, you have no reason to miss this, save the date and see you there.

To get more info on the event check out the poster or click on the links provided:




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