Song Review: “Neptune – Take It Slow”

A groovy bassline, a psychedelic vocal sample and the most beautiful guitar chords you’ve heard in a while. That’s what will make you listen to “Take it Slow” by Neptune, on repeat for about three hours, say goodbye to bundles.

When boom pap kicks meet jazz influenced grooves, it’s a love that was meant to be. They’re kindred spirits, ready for an O-B-E. The beat, is what drew me to the song first and I thought it couldn’t get better until Neptune started flowing on it.

After being hit by the beautiful melody of the beat; just when you think everything is perfect in the world; he introduces himself with a splash of ‘in-your-face braggadocio’:

\\ I am the God body \\

He talks about the innate feeling every human has but is too afraid to say out loud because of 400 years of conditioning; our want to be the head huncho, the HNIC, the one who gives the orders and everyone looks up to. He starts by proclaiming he is the God body but we are immediately and constantly reminded that this is not true, that we are all vulnerable and he expresses this to be just a fantasy:

\\ swimming in a fantasy only to wake up just to find my clothes soaking \\

The song ends with the vocal sample reminding you to take it slow. This song to me is about Zen. It’s about that moment a young Nairobi youth realizes their potential. That moment they open their eyes and they see all their triumphs and all their failures in a single flash. They see all their dreams coming to life and dying at the same time.

Listen to it below.


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