The first time I attended an Instameet, I had my Huawei Y330 to floss with and I still got great shots. Such days remind me that the passion counts more than the equipment you may have, to make something to happen. I recently attended this year’s Instameet and it was a blast. Over the last years, I have been blessed with a Canon 1200D which has brought nothing but joy in this life of mine. 

The essence of an instameet is for photographers of the same region to meet and interact by photographing together in similar streets and discover new adventures. You also get to meet artists or photographers who major in a similar field as you. During this year, we met at KICC, City Hall entrance to discover the Kimathi street, Wabera street and many others which hold among the most beautiful buildings in Nairobi, some over 80 years old.


Getting a chance to photograph Nairobi in daylight is not a chance any photographer takes for granted even when it means getting there at 6 am to do it. Nairobi in itself is a street with a blend of both the neat and the rugged feel. This makes it very colourful and that’s one of the reasons I love it. It’s the kind of city you don’t explore in a day and you find something new every time you have a second look.

A big thanks to such platforms as Instagram which presents platforms for artists to meet and interact. And thank you too to the older generation of photograhers such as Asayf who make effort to find us permits for us to shoot. This just makes me miss the days we used to attend runs (Illegaly or legally coming together as photographers to shoot a location of choice).

Anyway enjoy your week and please check out my blog on www.bintidiaries.wordpress.com for more juice.


Have fun.



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