WORDS| Navalayo’s

image by John Onyango


A thousand deaths I have died

And many tears I have cried

But look at me, I’m still alive

I begged but the devil wouldn’t take me

It was even worse to have the creator forsake me

So I live on in this wretched state

Forbidden from heaven or hell’s gates

They made it clear that I was damned

But I simply did not wish to understand

Inside my veins my blood is cold

Still I live on both young and old

I perceive the world in a sinister light

Where I’m bound to eternal night

Death is not a foe now, he’s a friend.

He stops by every now and then

I’ve asked him more than once to take me

That this is a dream from which he should wake me

Each time he’d toss his head back and with a laugh he’d say

‘I’m sorry little one,it’s never worked that way’

He pleaded and coaxed and said he would wait

Until the day I accepted my fate

With demon speed the years flew by,

And at last there were no more tears to cry

Without much left to do , I conquered the night

From that moment on , all wrong became right

My reign has just begun, but I’m afraid I have no heir

I hunt for a companion or successor

So mortals beware



It will lead the way

they said

It will heal the pain

they said

It did

I admit


Though the destination is uncertain I will keep running over STOP signs and jumping the traffic lights

The journey will never end

Like a Kenyan matatu I WILL NOT STOP until there is a physical barrier to tell me that that is the furthest I can go

And only then when I get to the limt I will I activate my super power

A power that only you know, my super power

My after good night sleep well super power

The super power I was afraid to tell you about super power

I thought that the world was round or flat

And then I found out that it is roundly flat and flatly round ,

that I can love without a sound

that blood is the best way to be bound

when Magnolia blooms in red

I learned that we are only human

but love was made for us because

we are only human

and no matter what we do or don’t

we are only human

and this is for me and you

you and me

my human.


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