We’ve Discovered Sichangi’s Secret

IMG-20170616-WA0032Sichangi is a bad man. A superhero. A gem that everyone discovered at the same time and there was an immediate consensus that he is on his own lane. We all discovered him when he dropped his EP “Hold On”. All your favorite producers were on it, links were shared and articles were written. My favorite jam was “I don’t wanna give up” because of the naija sample that kept saying I believe in juju .

The EP also introduced Harawa to a lot of people. His lyrics pierced even the most hardened hearts with sobering lyrics like //life don’t get harder, you just gotta make more decisions// and a bunch of other things that you just have to hit replay on for you to fully grasp.

It didn’t stop there, he kept blessing us with features here and there, from Half Baked to BNRD and Lazima, everything he touched turned to gold. Not many artistes on the scene get to amass as much hype when they drop as Sichangi, and his features proved this to be true.

One of the most notable features was what he did with Ukweli, “Cherry Blossom.” The bells, the hats and you know I’m a sucker for a good bass-line. This collabo must’ve been challenging because it felt like the two producers forced each other to think outside the box. That unspoken respect and comradery must’ve inspired this track that felt like neither of the producer’s styles. It did not feel like Ukweli’s EA Wave soul nor like Sichangi’s emotionally charged compositions.

The winner of all collabos though, “Golden Goals”. Basically, you can’t go wrong with Jason Kalinga and TAIO together, on a Sichangi produced jam. I can’t decide which my favourite part of the song is, the boom pap or the crazy lyricism. It even featured on the Weekly TKR chart on the week it was released.

Fast forward a few months later and we’re on the verge of a new Sichangi project. He released a new single recently, “If I Had Superpowers” and all your favourite acts were reposting it. In a Facebook post, he explained that the sample intruiged him because of how when you bend your ears just right, it says you have an effort. This is a reassurance that we are not helpless. The melody of the beat is symbolic of that moment before you make a big decision, a big leap of faith. That moment before you take a leap of faith or approach an obstacle that seems impossible. You have an effort.

Basically, Sichangi is a badman. On top of producing, we discovered he has a secret pleasure! Well, all the great artistes are mysterious tbh. We discovered Sichangi’s Secret Sets, yes, this guys also deejays! Listen to some of his sets below:

In fact just as I was writing this, another crazy jam dropped, The Squad( Fena,MDQ, Mayonde, Kagwe, Blinky Bill)-PARTY NATION Official Remix (prod. Sichangi). Listen to it here

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