That Ushago feel

Photograpy by MJ Kawira and Skrapbuk_ke

_MG_5779Growing up, my parents’ side hustle was farming and it did them so well they have carried on the culture to date. There’s a sense of fulfillment that comes with planting a seed and watching it grow to produce food you can consume. My favourite so far is potatoes. They have this sense of mystery as you harvest them that you only see some dried leaves protruding from the soil and you would have to dig up just to find out just how much potatoes are under the soil.

My aim as a food photographer is not only to tell the stories of the food culture. I would love to get into farming and with the help of my best friend we now have a flower (don’t judge) and a pepper plant. I know my dreams are valid because just the other day we went to Kirinyaga to put some fertilizer on coffee and just the whole experience was something so refreshing to my mind that I was a little sad on returning to Nairobi.

Our trip was added to it a little spice when the first batch of dignitary escort caught up with us at Kakuzi as they headed for the Madaraka Day function at Nyeri. We decided to test our driving skills and keep up and with a Nissan Teana and the most dope drive, it was just too easy. We branched off at Sagana to head to Karumande where the farm was with even more excitement and psych.

Most of Kenya’s population farm and the numbers will keep growing because with advancement in farming equipment it will be easier for people to do more than one type of farming at once. Kirinyaga County has got to be among the richest farming counties after Kericho. The weather there is ever cool and when you look out, you see nothing but greenery. I lost count of how many waterfalls we passed by as they are just too many.

The infamous Kagio Farmers Market is also located in Kirinyaga County. The prices compared to the Nairobi Market is quite affordable and you get an added advantage of extra fresh goods. Due to its very rich soil, Kirinyaga County also grows very rich coffee and tea that is locally manufactured and sold locally or exported.

I returned to Nairobi a new being. A clear mind and greater motivation to venture away from Nairobi and discover what many other farmers are doing.


Binti Diaries.

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