I’m assuming you’re a music enthusiast constantly looking for new sounds and vibrations. You haven’t listened to a radio show in over 3 months, but you’re not out of touch with the current renaissance. You have a SoundCloud account and possibly a Spotify subscription. You’ve come across the #hashtags, you know, #nunairobi #playkemusic #boycottradio #thekenyanrenaissance and a new one that may come up soon #nufiveflow . Okay I know just saying the term NuNairobi may get some of your panties in a bunch but stay with me here.

Well, there’s a joy in finding new artists and music on your own. I’m sure you’re familiar with that joy and “calling it” before an act blows up. You know, before they start getting a bunch of reposts on Soundcloud, maybe throw an event and name it “[artist name] and Friends.”

Well it’s the same joy when you discover a new podcast bro. I experienced that same joy when I found some really good playlists (I’ll write about that soon) and also some really good podcasts. Here are three podcasts you should definitely be listening to if you fit the criteria I described in the first paragraph. In no particular order btw…


Natalie Sif is a poet and writer from Nairobi. NatalieSif Playlists is a podcast/platform where she shares her favorite jams on Soundcloud as her guest-friend shares their story and conversation with her. (Yupp, I literally copy pasted that description from her bio) The good thing about this one is that the conversations are very meaningful but not too deep to require your 100% concentration, they’re laid back. And the guests are also awesome creatives you should look out for. Listen below:


Hosted by Camille Storm with MR.LU on the decks, if you’re up for some hype, XPRSV is the show for you. They don’t talk much, just a brief interlude and it’s back to the music. They only have one episode out and already garnered a lot of plays on it. Check it out below:


This one is for the deep thinkers, the futurists. The playlist is full of conscious music and the topics double up as social activism in my view. Just from the name, you can tell words like chakra and aura will be thrown around a lot in the conversations. There’s some affiliation to Homeboyz Radio 103.5FM, through Corine Onyango. It’s hosted by ExGxNx GxCxGx [Eugene Gachaga].

Listen to it below

There you have it. Let’s boycott radio guys.


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