Words| Dreams

“What if I was wrong?”
That’s the question that scares me to my bones. It’s the feeling I get just as I’m about to do something big.
“What if I wasn’t?”
That’s the second scariest question. Damn. It’s like I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.
That’s the thing with dreams; you never know until you try. But nobody really tells you how hard it is to try. How hard it is to get that first foot off the ground and place it a few inches ahead of yourself, when you can’t see the ground you’re stepping onto.
What if there’s thorns? What if there’s quicksand?
“But what if it’s everything I ever imagined it would be?” Sometimes you almost feel stupid to harbor such a hope. To look at all the odds, and go against the current in chasing your dreams. And to keep in mind that it’s a lifelong journey and things could change any day. Any minute. Any second.

If your dreams don’t scare you shitless, then they’re not big enough
-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Paraphrased, of course, but when I read that a few years ago, I felt awakened. I also read somewhere that the thing you’re most afraid to do is a sign of the next thing you need to do. Obviously that’s not to be taken too literally(don’t jump off a building for the adrenaline), but these wise writers of old had a point. It takes heart. Courage. Strength. Patience. Work.
Some nights might find you staring at the ceiling wondering what you’re really doing, and if it’s worth it at all. Some mornings might find you not wanting to open your eyes at all, let alone getting out of bed and out into the world. The harsh, cruel, survivors-only world…
But if it’s what your heart believes in, then you’ve got to keep fighting.
Always show up. Never give up.
-Brendon Urie

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