It’s the 31st day of July, eight days from the 2017 general elections. Nairobi is at a partial standstill business-wise, but the music keeps flowing. And it’s better than ever.

5. R.I.Z.E – The Rational Anthem(ft. Poppa Don)

R.I.Z.E and Poppa Don sample the Kenyan National anthem and serve verses that call for unity and peace. R.I.Z.E doesn’t shy away from speaking about the hardest political truths. It’s the melodic keys in the background that will make you fall in love with the song.

4. NU FVNK x Sichangi – Junky

Continuing with his short verse style, Nu Fvnk delivers a very playful but really dope 4 bars. Sichangi steps in to assist in production.

3. M3 – Earned It w/ Ciano Maimba

Expect otherworldly vocals whenever you hear Ciano Maimba on a track. The vocals stole the show for this one. Check out more of M3 here

2. MR. LU – tabasamu(ft. Kerby & Ayoti)

Mr. LU dropped  a whole EP last week. Listen to it here. “tabasamu” features a deep verse from Kerby and soulful vocals from Ayoti. This is one of those jams you will listen to a couple of time and still not get enough of it.

1. Change – Timmy Blanco x TwennyEights(prod. Ceezy)

Timmy is on a roll. Just a few days after releasing 5am in Nairobi, he is back with his patner in crime, Twenny Eights. Their verses are full of emotion, full of soul and the production by Ceezy leaves you thoughtful.

Listen below to the Top 5 jams from Nairobi this past week, by TKR.


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