TKR comes through with the top 5 jams every week. Carefully curated by a group of specially selected Music Enthusiasts. Here is the list:

5. EA WAVE – Jinku – Fjords Of Hope #WAVEYWEDNESDAY
A wavey jam as expected from Jinku, 1/5 of EA WAVE. Off their #WAVERWEDNESDAY seris
 4.  Wild Apple, Ke – The Universe is Lonely
I’ve always been a sucker for acoustic songs. This one goes deep, really deep. The lyrics cut through your soul and it hits you hard when you understand what he is talking  about. Wild Apple KE is definitely worth a couple of listens
 3. BNRD – Intro
Laid back boom pap beat over some mellow keys and BNRD delivers some heavy bars. I hope it’s an intro to a EP maybe? Let us know BNRD
 2. KiliHippie – Imi x Truff Will – Pensive (Prod. by KiliHippie)
Truff Wil, it’s been a long time coming since his last release. He’s back with an amazing feature on this track by Imi. The vocals by Imi are sent from heaven to say the least.
1. Brakxxx .[GOLD] – Zone – Mselar & VictorTheTraveler(Prod.VictorTheTraveler & ) 
A banger. You know that moment when you’re driving to a party, a little high,, a little tipsy? This is the mood of that song. These TZ cats know how to set the mood.
Listen to all the tracks below

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