Another Letter to Time

Time is of the essence…

Full Stops

Hey there Sir
What’s good?
I want to say hello in a bunch of ways; pleasantries from multiple generations. From a baby screaming her lungs out to a pant-sagging teen saying, “Wassup! ” to the simple, “hallo” from the men of old.

You see, sir, I have a problem addressing you. I can’t quite find the comfort in addressing you by your own terms.
Afternoon? Evening? Good morning?
No. We’re not having any of that. Besides, at twelve minutes to two a.m., there’s no prescribed way of calling your attention to this brief correspondence.
I hope you’re not too sleepy. I hope you’ve had a slow week. I hope you haven’t been too busy. I hope you finally grew weary. I hope the race became too long for you.
I mean, we’re always running against you. We’re always losing – and losing badly – but we never stop trying. We…

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