WORDS| Unknown Language

In the language of the unknown
You can’t keep dancing with the devil, and ask why you’re still in hell.
Hell, is when my best dreams and worst nightmares have the same people in them
I’m in a good school, I may get an A in my exams,
I may go to a good university…
I have valid dreams

I’m still alive,
I get a good degree
I don’t get employed
Even justice convinces us, that education is key
When you knock to that job vacancies gate, what they need is experience and not papers, sorry, I’m not really saying education is Evil and you can’t gain anything in it, so go to school learn and understand
How is this different from surviving and trying to remember how to breathe?
See, anyone else you meet is fighting a fight you know nothing about
Mr. so and so begged for my vote,
He gave me promises
Mr. so and so promised me good education,
Mr. so and so promised me a good job
Mr. so and so said so and so
I’m living in the language of the unknown
Why should I fear the dark when the masks people wear in the sun are far more terrifying?
The same person in my dreams and worst nightmares
Casting crowds, lifting hands
Bowing hearts, is all we came to do
Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, you reign on high

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