Where to begin! It’s been such a buzzing week for the scene. We got some gems from accross the board with a smooth piece from Tetu Shani to some fire bars from Quassa on a BNRD track. Here’s the TOP 5 songs from the scene last week, indulge!

5. Asum Garvey – Vibe
It’s a one minute song, felt like a throw-away but has the delivery and precision of a sophomore album verse. Asum, more of these please, sawa?
4. Ian Nene – Focus(Prod by Chelsea van Carter)
Ian Nene, from his social media, is set to be a very influential muse in the scene in the near future. The fact that he is now making songs will make this happen much sooner than I initially expected. It’s a vibey song, a wavey beat and the vocals from Ian compliment it, the message says “Focus”something the youth need to do right now. Listen.
3.  M. Rumbi & Amanya – Falling Flower
Such a simple composition! Bu trust me, the easy ones are the hardest to make. This track is the epitomy of minimal. Just some repetitive snare and lo-fi keys, meshed with Amanya’s hypnotic vocals make for a beautiful piece. And the best part is the poem at the end.
2. BRND – Bless ft. 733k1, Shishi, Quassa (Prod by Quassa)
So, this guy BRND decided to just serve us with some very mind altering vibes this week. The verses are written in a way that makes you activate your other-dimensional vision. Sonically, it is meshed to the perfection and artistry that we’ve grown to expect from Quassa. And Shishi finishes it off with her chant “Blessed blessed blessed blessed”
1. Tetu Shani – Network Failure(Prod by M3)
M3 won the Chemistry Remix contest some time back and therefore gets to make a song with Tetu Shani. Well, here it is! It’s the usual folklore sound that Tetu has mastered and just blends with M3‘s overral style. The video is also amazing, done by Prisca Ojwang, check it out here.
That’s it. See you next week.

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