SONG REVIEW:  “Wess(Bounce)” by Muddah

There’s something missing in the underground scene and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed. Let’s face it, it’s the producers that made the scene start popping. People were laying vocals on internet beats long before the likes of Quassa, EA Wave, Mars Maasai etc started uploading beats on Soundcloud. So as the scene started to gather more attention, it is the producers that are still at centre stage, and rightfully so, because they put in work.

But with this directed focus on beats, lyricism took a back seat. And that’s what is missing. We definitely have amazing lyricists amongst us, but it’s still not enough. In my opinion at least, the culture needs more people like Tunji to talk about Matatu Culture. We need more people like HMZ to talk about depression and heartbreak. We need more people like Muddah to talk about the ghetto and how the youth there are also as part of the movement as the guys who go to all these expensive events.

Muddah’s new single is what inspired this write up. The song is smooth af. Produced by the cryptic 47People, the beat soothes your soul. The bassline is so subtle yet so present you can feel it literally massaging your ear buds. As soon as the intro starts, Muddah hits you with the most lyrical sheng flow you have heard in a while. He raps about moving around in the hood, or better yet, in the ghetto. With the charisma of a millennial who knows he’s about to make it, he raps about his surroundings and immerses you in the world of a Nairobi creative from the less boujie sides of town.

This song is so culturally heavy, you immediately connect with it and picture the environment in which it was created. That’s what is missing from the scene in my view, songs that create bridges between cultures, songs that represent a specific period in time or a specific demographic.

Listen to Muddah’s song below and read the lyrics on

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