Words| Life

I’m a cheeky little monkey; always been. I’ve always tried to find the most possible way of bending rules without breaking them. Or staying close enough to the line for it to be forgivable. It’s been a fun game. It’s been a risky game. But it’s been a game either way, exciting in a fearful and expectant way at the same time. It’s magical. It’s terrifying. It’s almost impossible.

To live right on the line. To experience both sides of the world; both sides of yourself. To make mistakes and call them lessons, and have achievements and also call them lessons. To realise that whatever level of knowledge you have obtained, you still have myriads more to go.

To realise that you still know nothing. To realise that there’s always something new to learn. Or something to be created. And to know that it’s not necessarily to be made by you. And at the same time to know that it is for you to put every effort into it. Will you be the best the world has ever known? Or will you be the best version of yourself you’ve ever known?.. Which holds more glory? Which holds more respect? Which means more to your own self?

Which do you know yourself by?

A fish cannot be tested on its ability to climb a tree. Or cheetah on its ability to swim in an ocean.
I’ve felt like a cheetah in the sea once. Or more times perhaps. I’ve felt like the fish placed inside a bowl under a tree,and told to climb.
“You’ve got everything you could possibly need!”
Technically it’s true. I’m in my fish bowl, with clean water, and regularly fed. I’m in perfect physical health.
“Climb the tree!”
But still I can’t. I’m healthy and happy but I can’t climb the tree.
Soon the happiness fades into fear. I can’t do it; I’m not worthy. I’m not able. I’ve failed.
Climb the tree!
I’ve been working; training; trying…

To realise that not every fight is yours to win. Not every fight is even yours. Not every mistake is to be blamed for. To realise that you never really learn. And you never really lose. To realise that life is ups and downs; that there is no permanence. There is no assurance.

To realise that there is only faith or fact. Belief or evidence.
Sometimes both.

To truly live life.

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