Well, I heard someone say #nunairobi is dead. Luckily, it’s only the hashtag that died. The movement that it represented is still alive and kicking. Here’s some proof:

5. Sam Mbugua – Unforgettable

This list was full of remixes, and this has to be one of the most memorable ones. Sam Mbugua serves us a remix of Rae Sremmurd’s Unforgettable

4. Jovie Jovv – Benylin Boy (Tay-k – The Race Remix)

Trap. Trap. More trap please. Basically, I can’t wait for this guy to blow up so we can jam to his songs at the club on repeat. They’re lit. Jovie Jov is a new breed of Kenyan rappers who focus mostly on the turn up side of hiphop.

3. Half baked – September (Half Baked Flip)

It’s been a minute since we heard from HalfBaked. Here is a new fire song to remind you how dope the last EP was. A remix of an old school classic by Earth Wind & Fire

2. JackRooster – Dr Duda Feat Euphonik – Happy Maasai(Jack Rooster’s AfroGroove Edit)

We all know him for Café Mocha. He has a great selection of the best Afrobeats/Afrosoul with his only completion being Patricia Kihoro’s show on HBR. This is his remix of an already classic song. Listen in.

1. Harawa – Right Here (Prod. by Young Taylor)

Mellow. Lyrical. Soulful. A masterpiece. But, hey, it’s Harawa, what do you expect? He raps to a specific demographic of females, and I relate to this too well unfortunately. These are the females who are extremely beautiful but somehow, their previous baggage blinds them from their true capabilities. He tries to show them it’s more than about just the bootay

Listen to all the jams below:

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