To be honest, this has been the most elusive concept we’ve ever undertaken. We started looking for a barbershop/ salon to partner with early this year but we kept getting let down. However, a few months back we noticed a new salon had sprung up and its selling point was its hospitality. We approached them and honestly from the reception to execution, we were impressed. Mirror mirror KE is definitely true in its selling point and you should definitely book an appointment as the pics are merely a sneak peek into the premises.

The concept was very simple. We not only intended to highlight some aspects of the salon but also play around with the environment too. It was basically just a fun saloon shoot with a grunge vibe. Our photographer for the day was Angie Gacheri and you should  definitely tap on her name to check out more of her work coz she is amazing.

So without further ado…we present…BD254 @ Mirror Mirror KE.



Mirror Mirror Ke, Bandari Plaza M2, Westlands, Nairobi KE.


Angie Gacheri: IG, VSCO, Blog


Maureen Ndegwa, Maxy Dbuoy & Claire Odipo 



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