Words| Scar

It’s not a scar
It’s a reminder 
Of a time when u & I
Were more than pronouns
More than just names to an old list
It’s a reminder of a time
When the sun went with all our dreams 
And the moon made sure it brought them back every night 
Whether it was full half or new
Didn’t matter to us 

Because darling we were ware wolves 
That just needed each other to bring out the beasts in us
We were fire flies that had bigger butts
You had a bigger butt
That outshone the moon
And i would always follow you 
Because you were my light bulb 
And i your helpless bug
I knew you would blind me
But that was okay
Because at least I would go out having seen your glory 
Outshining galaxies 
Outnumbering idiots on earth 
Darling you are a scar I am proud to own
You’re not a blemish
You are a reminder 
That there was a time I was human 
There was a time i was happy
I am not saying am sad
All i am saying is that you…
let me feel your edges 
Wasn’t worried they were etched 
Not that it mattered 
Because darling all beautiful things have prints
and yours made sense to me 
They showed the path to your heart 
Or rather a path through your heart 
A place you swore i owned 
A place you said you had no control over
The more reason I had to handle you with care
Not that you were fragile 
I handled you with care because you were atomic
One wrong move 
And we would all be counting… 
One reason we should stay 
Two reasons you hate me
And three reasons we should be strong 
Four reasons you were all my
Five reasons you were my grip
Ten reasons we would clap our selves out of misery 
It seemed we always needed one more chance 
But if that one more was more than once
Then it is not more
It would be the final
So how about we go big
Because home is not an option 
If you are not there
Or maybe if you don’t want to be there
I say this with a tense so past
Because you are gone now
Brian Mor 

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