The razor slips,no turning back
Sitting back on the toiletseat,breathing hard,trying to numb the pain,
Memories trickling
Gushing down her wrist
The pain of each flowing away
Memories of the one who broke her heart,and dimmed the brightness in her eyes
Of the one who tried to sew it back together
And failed
Leaving her with more reasons to cry
Of the best friend who never really knew her
Who only saw the parts she wanted to see
Of the parents whose milestones she never could achieve.

As the darkness closes in further
She cant help but wish someone would save her
Would feel a clench in their heart and know something’s wrong
But no,she planned it this way
She slips onto the floor,onto herown blood
An angel in a sea of red
An angel whom the world expected too much from
Or maybe not enough.

Her heart,
The only part of her left fighting
Knows it can’t keep it up much longer
For only the mind can escape the pull of the darknes it shapes

Chalo kw

One thought on “Words|Fading”

  1. That’s deep and dark. It sucked me in and pulled on my heart. As I was reading all I wanted to do was reach in and take her hand and give her hope. Well written. There may be a few edits I would suggest but over all… nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

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