Words| The Weak’s Cry

Reveling in the pain of someone who wronged me shouldn’t feel so good,

But it does,

The laughter I emit when I hear them cry shouldn’t sound so sweet,

But it does,

They all would tell you to let it go,

You take things too seriously, they would say,

Maybe they don’t take things seriously enough,

Maybe they don’t realize that their games are too rough,

Maybe they can’t see that someone like me holds a grudge,

They should have heard me when I told them to stop,

But they wouldn’t budge.


I might not get my revenge in this life,

For I lack the strength to do so,

And my thoughts would definitely get me kicked out of heaven,

So I’ll meet them in hell,

And strike a deal with the devil,

To show them as much mercy as they showed me on earth,

In exchange for my soul,

Which they already broke, and no longer hurts.


By Charles kinuthia


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