Words| Introverted thoughts #2

I may be smarter than I let on

Or maybe not, you’ll never know

When I descend into long periods of silence

I may be thinking

Then again, I may not be

When I take long pauses between sentences

I maybe choosing my words

Or I my not know any good ones to speak

Only I know what you struggle to see

The rest is just your opinion of me


That gorgeous girl may have been with a lot of men

Or she may not

And her bible is filled with lines from her pen

The boy who always makes a fool of himself may have a few demons inside

Or he may  not

And looks at his mischief with pride

The bookworm my be as stuck up as he looks

Or he may not

And seeks friend instead of books


I may be as arrogant as I seem

Or may be not

You may be as ignorant as you seem

Or may be not

We may all be oblivious to the world around us

Or we may not

Frankly, if I focused more on myself than others

I’d be able to free myself from this opinionated knot


By Charles Kinuthia


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