Words| Intoverted thoughts #1

Solitude should be man’s best friend

A chance to get away from it all

To breathe a sigh of relief

To ride our train of thought clear past the threshold of our imagination

To embrace the silence and to revel in it


Speaking of silence

Hello my old friend

Its been a long time since we’ve been alone together

All the nonsensical blabbering I endure keeps me from being with you

Small talk that is only meant to chip away at my sanity holds me back

But alas, I cannot fight against social protocol

So I let it drown me and my thoughts

While those without any float to the surface and enjoy the sun


It’s funny how those with the most imagination form the least opinions

While those with hardly any judge us for ’thinking too much’

So I divert al my focus inward

For if I am to perish on my island

There’s none I’d love more by my side than my own thoughts


Charles kinuthia

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