Here’s the TOP 5 songs from Nairobi this past week

It’s probably a slow day as you’re reading this. You wish the weekend was longer right? You’re struggling to keep your eyelids open? Well, we have the perfect cure for that. Listen to these vibey songs to keep away the blues, curated by TKR

5. Kwame KE — Gùùkù by Ayrosh & Kwame Rígíi

It’s got that Caffe Mocha vibe. Nothing gets me prouder to be an African than a groovy bassline, some 130bpm kicks and a funky vibe. This song is in Kikuyu and the melody is hypnotic.

4. EKUMBO — Yoko Ono

Ekumbo is an upcoming producer I discovered a few months back. He release a set of two tracks this past week. This is one of them. It’s basically a bassline haha. But it’s real groovy. Listen below

3. K. Fab — Petria_flip

This is such a mellow jam. It will definitely stray your mind away from the Monday blues. It will probably remind you of your first love; the butterflies, the excitement, the warmth.. okay let’s not get carried away. Listen for yourself

2. MR. LU° — HMZ – Maya Panderosa (mr. lu rmx)

MR. LU° remixes one of HMZ‘s old tracks from earlier this year. Banger


Ah the boys delivered a banger this time. Nu Fvnk is really coming of age as a rapper. I like how, unlike his previous raps, this one feels more intentional, more curated. The previous ones were a bit of a spur of the moment thing, which to me takes away something from art.

Here’s the top 5, listen below:

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