TnT at the Christopher Wallace video launch

TnT is a Kenyan rap duo that consists of the hell spitting Timmy Blanco and the hook swinging Twenny Eights. They are carrying the hiphop torch to Olympic standards and if any of their recent projects is anything to go by the Trap is strong with these folks. We happened to attend the premiere of the Music video for their hit Christopher Wallace. We managed to get a few words from them regarding the project and any future plans. Here’s what they had to say:

What drove you towards the concept for this video?

Twenny: We just wanted to get into the studio and start shooting.

Timmy: We wanted it to be as random as possible. That’s the whole point.

Why the name Christopher Wallace?

Timmy: It’s a play with words that refers to something big.

Twenny: Yeah big cars, big pockets, big things…everything big coz that’s what we’re all about.

Where can people find it both audio and video?

Twenny: YouTube

Mo(manager): SoundCloud for the audio. Just YouTube and SoundCloud.

Twenny: Yeah just YouTube and SoundCloud we want it to be pretty exclusive to those two channels.

You also teased or rather have been teasing the visuals for heights. When is this masterpiece dropping?

Timmy: Probably in January.

Mo: Early next year definitely.

Timmy: Should be around the same time the Vice Life clothing line drops.

That’s dope who’s the designer?

Timmy: Our boy called Sean Mwai he’s pretty cool watch out for that.

With the grind you guys have been on should we expect a new project in terms of a mixxtape or an album soon?

Twenny: Definitely but just not yet.

Timmy: Next year we should have something cooking soon as it’s ready we’ll ket you know.

To keep up to date with TnT’s new projects and activities, click on the link below:

SoundCloud (Timmy Blanco)

Sound Cloud (Twenny)

Twitter (Timmy Blanco)

Twitter (Twenny)



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